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Corporate Offer - Cycle Hub

TfGM Personal Travel Planning for Businesses

Lee Howarth

What is Personal Travel Planning? (PTP)

       Method of encouraging people to make more sustainable travel choices.

       Reduce reliance on private car and encourage more trips by public transport, on foot and by bike.

       Focus on commuter trips in peak periods.

       Employees offered personalised travel information to raise awareness of alternatives and benefits, as well as incentives for more active and sustainable travel.

       Post intervention travel patterns are re-evaluated to identify any changes in behaviour.

Benefits of PTP


       Reduce demand for parking spaces.

       Reduced travel costs for employers.

       Healthier, more active workforce.

       Meet planning requirements e.g. Travel Plans

       CSR and environmental goals. 

       Assist with recruitment and retention.


       Cost savings.

       Time savings.

       Improved health.

What has been delivered in GM?

       Worked with over 200 employers providing travel advice to over 20,000 employees.

       Issued over 4,500 one day bus tickets and over 1,000 Metrolink tickets to employees who were car drivers.


The PTP Process


New Limited Offer - Electronic PTP (ePTP)

       Online Travel Survey.

       Personal journey plan including travel factsheet and incentives/discounts is emailed directly to employees.

       No printed materials.

       No internal distribution of travel packs required.

       Quicker, greener and more cost effective.


Next Steps – How to get involved

       Personal Travel Planning – Currently available up to 31st March 2017. 

       Contact your TfGM Business Travel Advisor or / 0161 601 1723.