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Corporate Offer - Cycle Hub

Notification of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) in Trafford Park

Lee Howarth

Dear Recipient,

As you may know The Transport for Greater Manchester (Light Rapid Transit System) (Trafford Park Extension) Order 2016 (The Order) came into force on 24th November 2016. This Order gives Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) the legal powers to build and operate the new Trafford Park Metrolink Extension between Pomona and intu Trafford Centre. This new six stop route will offer fast, frequent connections to jobs, leisure, shopping and cultural destinations and across the wider Metrolink network.

The Order has also given TfGM the legal powers to make any Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) required to facilitate the works. Whilst this process is usually undertaken by the Highway Authority, TfGM have, for administrative reasons, elected to undertake the process. However, please note that any TTROs made by TfGM are being made with the prior agreement of the Highway Authority – Trafford Council.

The overall works will involve advance major utility diversions, the installation of 5.5km track and associated infrastructure, construction of the new Metrolink stops and the introduction of new highway arrangements to enable the tram to run segregated to road traffic. In order to facilitate the above, it is necessary to introduce phases of temporary changes to the way the existing highways in the area normally operate including major, but temporary, changes in direction of traffic. The initial phases of closures and changes to the local highways and footways are as follows:

*It is anticipated, that wherever possible , at least one of the roads listed above will remain open when others are temporarilly closed to facilitate local access. Local traffic diversion signing will be placed on site and maintained to identify these routes and stakeholders will be updated in advance of any temporary closures being implemented.

These temporary road changes are required and designed to complete the Metrolink works as efficiently as possible while maintaining access to businesses and stakeholders at all times. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. This early notification is intended to enable you to plan and adapt your journeys before the temporary road closures are introduced.


Many of the changes will remain in place for approximately three years. This is to provide consistency for businesses, employees and visitors to the area, rather than frequently changing which roads are open and closed.

To maintain the flow of traffic while the changes are in place, TfGM will use a number of variable message signs around the wider Trafford highway network to provide advance warnings to highway users of the works, install several CCTV cameras to monitor the impact of the changes and undertake adjustments to traffic light sequences where necessary.

Further information

For more information and details of the highway closures and changes, please find linked below the Notices of Intent for the introduction of these TTROs and maps highlighting the closures, changes to highway and diversion routes for each phase.

Bus routes will be affected by these changes. Further information on potential changes to routes will be communicated in advance.

Click on each notice below:

17-0582 Mosley Road closure May 2017v3 (with bus diversions)

TPL 0005 PoD Notice side roads off VW

TPL 0006 - One Way Notice - Village Way

TPL 0007 PoD Notice VIC PL

TPL traffic management 19 June 2017

TPL traffic management 22 May 2017 (with bus diversions)

TPL0008 Notice - SAFW fw

TPL0009 PoD Notice Wharf End

TPL010 - 30MPH Notice - Park Way


TfGM will be running a number of public information events in Trafford during the week commencing 8 May 2017, when the project team will be on hand to answer questions and provide further information on these required works.

Details of information events:

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We will provide project updates, travel advice and news updates through an electronic newsletter. To sign up for these please visit To find updates through social media look for #MetrolinkTPL.

Contact the team

We will continue to work closely with Trafford Council, engage with stakeholders along the route and will provide more information as we progress with the scheme. To contact a member of our team email or call us on 0161 244 1555 (lines open during office hours).

Yours faithfully

Bethan Stanway

Trafford Park Line Communications Officer

Transport for Greater Manchester