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Corporate Offer - Cycle Hub

Salford Cycling & Walking Forum - Launch Meeting - 13th November 2018

Lee Howarth

The Salford Cycling Forum has been a strong supporter of the Greater Manchester Beelines project, helping cycling (and walking) rise up the political agenda.

The forum is now being re-launched as a wider “Cycling and walking forum”.

The next meeting is at the Sacred Trinity Church on Chapel Street on Tuesday 13th November from 6pm until 8pm.

The church is easy to get to on public transport or on bike. It does have some parking for cars but limited spaces. Andy Salmon (Chair) will be there early so anyone who wants to get a pizza from across the road before the meeting can do so. We’ll supply tea, coffee and biscuits (and maybe even cake).

The agenda for the meeting will be an update on current plans, thinking about future projects and a discussion about how the forum could usefully work.

For awareness, we do have a Facebook group ( and would welcome any views on it, e.g. is a Facebook Group helpful, should we also make it a cycling and walking group to reflect the forum title, would people find this a useful space to discuss some of the new schemes and plans? It would also be good to get a couple of other people as admins to help run and moderate the group if we want to use it more.

Below is a poster advertising the forum – we’d be grateful if people could help us promote it (please let us know if you would like us to print any copies for you to help with this). We’d love to get more people coming along and anyone with an interest in getting more people walking and cycling in Salford is very welcome to attend.

Hope to see you on the 13th!

Kind regards,

Catriona Swanson (Salford City Council lead on Cycling and Walking) and Andy Salmon (Chair of Salford Cycling and Walking Forum)

Cycling & walking forum poster 131118.JPG